Communications Consultancy
“With smart PR strategies you can reach your goal step by step”
As an agency with 75 accumulated years of experience in structuring internal and external communications processes and flows, we are – according to demand – communications consultants, sparring partners or your coach. Our systemic advisory approach makes it possible for you to recognise and maximise your company’s potential. We will support you in structuring your communication efficiently and effectively. Contact us!

PR Concept
„The bait must be attractive for the fish“
We develop PR concepts that consistently advance your corporate goals. To do so, we focus on well-founded analyses, develop strategies and create content which truly reaches your target groups. Whether this is online PR, a PR campaign or PR event: With rigorous planning and the perfect blend of emotion and information, we attain optimal effects and maximal efficiency for you.

Reputation Management
„The reputation is the immaterial value of a company” – Pierre Bourdieu
A good reputation contributes to making your sales figures shoot up, your product become more attractive and employment in your company more desirable. comm:unications has developed a special methodology to consistently promote your reputation. The parameters include clear positioning, as well as targeted communication on all channels – online and offline!

Litigation PR
„At the intersection between law and communication“

As one of few PR agencies in Austria, comm:unications is an experienced, reliable and discreet partner in this area as well. We support companies and affected parties in sensitive situations and work out a suitable media strategy. In doing so, we work hand in hand with legal experts and prepare you carefully for possible confrontations with the media.

CEO & Team Coaching
„Unearth hidden treasure in your company“
Cooperation among employees and teams is essential for smooth communication. In workshops we begin with your company’s visions and goals. With our systemic consulting expertise, we support you in making the most out of each employee. We uncover hidden potential and give individual strengths a chance to shine.


Internal Communication
„Good communication starts with the management“
Our experts accompany you through corporate identity processes and help shape communication flows. Through the interconnection of departments, more communication, more understanding and more efficiency are created. And by means of clever motivation programmes, we work with you to boost your employees’ satisfaction and make them into enthusiastic ambassadors for your company.

Crisis Communication
„The best kind of crisis PR is preventing crises“
comm:unications is a specialist at smoothing turmoil in short order with succinct messages, and meeting media attacks with compelling arguments. In crisis situations we often work in an interdisciplinary manner, so that we can implement measures immediately. Smart companies take precautions: In cooperation with your management team we develop crisis scenarios, work out crisis manuals and analyse where potential trouble spots can arise.

Corporate Publishing
„Owned content on a strong upwards trend“
The comm:unications team prepares your important topics editorially and graphically – for your employees, partners and clients. The spectrum ranges from newsletters to brochures and annual reports, and up to 100-page glossy magazines. And of course the content is also available digitally or as a video.

Corporate Wording
„Your company is unique!“
We develope concise communications and placative key messages for you. These meaningful statesments simplify your communication with clients and partners. In this way we lastingly sharpen your company profile. And for particularly sensitive issues we work out the answers to possible “nasty questions” in advance!

Public Affairs
„When it comes to corporate policy aims“
To carry topics through or achieve changes, we communicate for you with various stakeholders at the interface between politics, the economy and society. In doing so, we bring different players and new approaches into the game and carry out persuasive efforts with multipliers and decision makers.


Media Relations
„Awareness is the currency of the 21st century“
As experts with a journalistic background, we skilfully keep your message to the point. We accentuate with photos, info-graphics and videos. We organise press conferences, round tables, PR events and interviews. We have direct connections to editors and bloggers. So we can achieve an above-average media response for you!

„Emotions open the way to consumers“
We pack your core message in attention-getting stories, which reach your customers quickly and easily. We deliver “a good story” and reap the fruits in media relations.

Media cooperations
„Bread and games“
As a well-established PR and marketing agency we have connections to all relevant media and multipliers. We develop creative content, which we disseminate effectively to the public via print media, online, radio or TV, often in combination with interviews, prize draws, promotions, or PR or POS campaigns. This creates valuable win-win situations and garners a maximum of attention.

PR Campaigns
„You have an important message to share?“
As experts for large-scale PR and image or awareness-raising campaigns we develop forceful ideas and stories, and involve celebrities, affected parties and the media, which creates a “pull” that leads to long-lasting positive changes in the public eye.

Media training
„Watch out: you’re on camera!“
Our experts get you in shape for your media appearance. This extends from preparing catchy key messages, to voice and body language, to drawing a rhetorical blade. Either with individual training or in a workshop you can practice for a media emergency, live before a TV camera.


Social Media Concepts
„Strategists meet digital natives!“
We work out holistic PR strategies in cooperation with our social media experts. We analyse, manage and place content, cooperate with bloggers, launch campaigns and prepare your company for future digital challenges.

Content Management
„Content makes the world go round“
As your experts, we manage your subject matter and content for you. We place messages, photos and videos on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. and of course are also active as your moderator. The rule is always: A good plan, appropriate wording and clear rules of the game are absolutely essential!

„A head start with information“
We scout print media, TV, radio, and online and social media for topics or buzz words, analyse opinions and follow discussions on the Internet. Unlike classic market analysts, we are constantly viewing the world through PR glasses. This helps us to recognise both opportunities and potential hot spots for your company in real time.

Blogger Relations 
„Bloggers are perfect market ambassadors“
With the extremely broad reach of many blogs and the great credibility bloggers enjoy, this makes bloggers true multipliers and influencers. comm:unications establishes your contact to relevant bloggers and their communities, organises blogger cooperations and blogger events, and pushes your products and messages in word, picture and video.

Video PR 
„Storytelling in motion“
Video PR is a fixed part of innovative company communications. As a 360° communications agency, we produce emotional and informative short videos for you, which can tell whole product or company stories in 60 to 120 seconds. And we place these video messages right where the desired target group will discover them quickly.
You can find examples on our YouTube-Channel


„Making your company an experience for all the senses“
Whether a company, client or public event: to date, comm:unications has conducted more than 400 events and roadshows for 10 to 10,000 persons. From the conception, dramatisation and staging, to the entire marketing, to accompanying national/international media relations – we are thoroughly acquainted with every step. We provide artists, moderators and speakers, and achieve the ultimate wow-effect for you!

Cultural Management  
„We bring culture to the public – and the public to culture!“
Culture is our passion. Thanks to commissioning by famous art and cultural institutions such as the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the comm:unications team can draw on a wealth of experience. We have initiated cultural festivals which today are major attractions. We would be glad to support you from the conception all the way to marketing. Consulting with us will be worth your while!

Congress Management  
„The congress is dancing!“
Whether for a symposium, conference, specialist or popular congress: our long-term, international congress experience will be to your great advantage! From the initial conception, to engaging moderators and top speakers, to organisation and marketing including PR, media relations and supporting programmes – we create success according to concept!

Reputation Academy  
„Seminars with profile“
In our agency’s own Reputation Academy, workshops on Storytelling, Creative Texting and Impressions Management take place on an ongoing basis. Topics such as Corporate Identity, PR Management, Change Management and Crisis Communication are offered as in-house seminars. Contact us!

„Marketing for service providers“
In the case of marketing your services, comm:unications is just the right partner for you. We support you with new business activity, creating marketing plans, the conception of websites and promotional materials, as well as with the implementation of all these measures. In combination with PR, we also offer complete marketing for your events.