ESF Magazine “Insight”

Editing & production of the print medium of the European Social Fund

The ESF Magazine “Insight” is the central print medium for the European Social Fund in Austria.

comm:unications is responsible for the relaunch of the magazine, which contains 12 issues in the years 2018 to 2021 and informs about topics of the current ESF funding period, including the presentation of ESF-funded projects in Austria and expert opinions on ESF relevant topics and developments of the European Structure and Investment Fund (ESI Fund). The individual descriptions aim to explain the contents as clearly and comprehensibly as possible.

The publication will be sent to internal committees, project sponsors and multipliers as well as to key journalists throughout Austria in order to increase awareness of the importance and added value of ESF innovations for Austrian labour market, education and social policy in general, and to present the successes and contents of ESF-funded projects. At the same time, the magazine will also be available online as a download on the ESF website and individual contents of the magazine will be published on the website.

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